Commercial Real Estate Services

MIG Commercial Real Estate Services

Alex Matevosian has been providing commercial real estate services in Los Angeles for years. Alex knows this city like the back of his hand — Alex knows exactly where to go and who to talk to in order to get a deal done. Whether you’re involved in industrial or commercial real estate, need to lease a property, or have probate concerns, we can help.
Selling Commercial Real Estate

Selling Commercial Real Estate

A good commercial real estate agency should possess a comprehensive understanding of the local market, a track record of successful sales, and strong relationships with potential buyers.

Additionally, they should have an effective marketing strategy, excellent communication skills, professionalism, and a dedication to providing individualized service that meets the specific needs and objectives of each client.
Broker Opinion of Value

Broker Opinion
of Value

Before selling commercial property, a broker's opinion of value (BOV) is crucial. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce a brief but accurate valuation of what your property is worth in today’s market.

With the market constantly changing, it’s important to work with a commercial real estate agency that has extensive knowledge and experience in Los Angeles County.
1031 Commercial Property Consultations

Commercial Property Consultations

Our clients rely on our skilled team of Property Consultants to design and implement programs that are tailored to their individual needs.

With extensive experience in 1031 exchanges, estate sales, and other complex transactions, we are here to assist you from start to end.
Leasing Commercial Real Estate

Leasing Commercial Real Estate

An expert commercial leasing agent can help you navigate the process and represent your best interests while leasing a commercial property. They should know the local market, properties, and lease terms. Agents should negotiate favorable rates, understand legal and regulatory standards, and help you with the commercial leasing procedure. Having a reputable agent can also save you time and money during the lease process.
Real Estate Referrals and Vendor Introductions

Real Estate Referrals & Vendor Introductions

We recognize that managing commercial property may be a difficult task. We are ready to guide and help you through the entire process by providing you with vital contacts for all of your needs. From roofing contractors to environmental consultants and appraisers to inspectors, our team is at your disposal.

Commercial Real Estate Services

Contact our team whether you’re looking to sell, buy, or lease commercial real estate in Los Angeles County.
Commercial Real Estate Services

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Commercial Property Asset Types

At MIG Commercial Real Estate Services, we give expert advice and help at every step of the way, from valuing and marketing to negotiating and closing. We can help you reach your goals whether you are selling a Multi-Family building, an office building, a retail building, an industrial building, or a parcel of land.

Industrial Buildings

Industrial Buildings

For manufacturing, warehousing, or distribution businesses.

Retail Buildings

Retail Buildings

Influenced by trends, location, and economic factors, we can help you find your next retail space for your business.

Office Buildings

Office Buildings

Let us help you find the perfect space equipped with amenities and infrastructure to support your growing business.

Multi Family Buildings


Residential properties designed for multiple individual living units within a single structure.



Undeveloped or vacant parcels of property, zoned for retail, industrial, or residential use.

Automotive Property Asset Type Icon


Gas stations, auto repair collision centers, and car washes.

Alex Matevosian commercial real estate agent

Our Mission

At MIG Commercial Real Estate Services, our focus is on delivering outstanding results for our clients in the commercial real estate market. We understand that every client has unique needs and objectives, and we pride ourselves on being active and knowledgeable in the areas we serve.

By leveraging our extensive local expertise and utilizing customized marketing strategies, we help our clients realize the maximum value for their properties. Additionally, we prioritize our clients’ best interests by implementing proper due diligence and disclosures to mitigate any potential risks or legal action.

With our extensive experience and professional approach, we are able to proactively address any challenges that may arise, ensuring our clients’ transactions are completed efficiently and effectively.

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Broker Opinion Of Value

The first step in our proprietary marketing process is to assess what the HIGHEST and BEST use of your commercial property is. For us, it’s more technical than just what your building specifications are (building size, lot size, etc). We go a step further in determining the entire function and utility of your property so that we can market it the right way to the most appropriate audience.

On-site assessment: We tour the property to understand property owners’ motivation and timeline. Our goal is to gather as much data and information as we can on your property to ensure our marketing efforts align with your goals & bottom line.

Professional Photography & Videography

  • Photography: Irresistible visual experience
  • Videography: Cinematic videos that are elegant and engaging
  • Drone Video: Showcase your property’s location and key features
  • Agent Property Videos: Personalized videos featuring Alex, guiding viewers through the property and highlighting its key features.
  • Floor plans: Show buyers a clear understanding of the property’s layout
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Platforms We Market On

We partner with the following leading commercial real estate listing services, which are widely used by real estate professionals, investors, and tenants to find and list commercial properties for sale, or lease. 

They are the leading platforms in the commercial real estate industry, providing a centralized hub for property listings, market research, and industry-related news.

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Just Listed Mailers

Tangibility: Physical mailers are tangible, which can make a lasting impression. Recipients can hold and interact with the materials, such as brochures, postcards, or property listings, increasing their chances of retaining the information.

Local Visibility: For local commercial real estate, mailers can help increase your local visibility. They provide a physical presence in the community and can be a reminder to potential clients and prospects of your services.

Less Competition: In the age of digital marketing, physical mailers face less competition in recipients’ mailboxes compared to email inboxes. This can result in your message receiving more attention.

Multi-Channel Approach: Integrated marketing strategies that combine digital and traditional methods, including mailers, can be highly effective. A well-coordinated multi-channel approach can help you reach a broader audience.

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Paid Ads on Social

Social media allows us to connect with a wide audience and create engaging campaigns on platforms like Meta, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

Our paid campaigns utilize visuals and videos to highlight your property’s unique features, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement. In today’s digital age, social media is a key part of our modern marketing strategy, helping us connect your property with the right audience.

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Traditional Prospecting Outreach

Our team of seasoned commercial advisors employs proactive strategies to maximize exposure and seize every opportunity:

  1. Direct Outreach: We engage in direct outreach, cold-calling qualified individuals, tenants, buyers, and business owners throughout Los Angeles.

  2. Database Leverage: We utilize our extensive database to reach out to potential buyers and showcase your property.

  3. Local Door-Knocking: We also conduct door-knocking campaigns in your property’s vicinity, ensuring a comprehensive local approach to property promotion.

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